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Here are a selection of the comments our clients have made following our training sessions:


“Thank you for the training you provided on Friday. It was excellent, and even though personally I did not want to do the practical because of my fear, I thought it was great how you helped overcome that fear without knowing. (If you did, you didn’t show it,) The guys have commented on how great the training was and how they will utilise the knowledge in the workplace. I gave my partner one of your booklets as I was telling him what we covered. He has done fire training, but nothing as comprehensive as what we had. He is taking your booklet to work with him with a recommendation from myself to use you”

- Civil Engineering Company May 2010

"I have trained with you for a number of years but your latest training trays are excellent aids for the practical role plays"

- Police Air Operations March 2009

"Good Class Room instruction; and excellent demo of Media"

- Police Air Operations March 2009

"Very good knowledge passed on. Impressed at being able to physically use the equipment as it gives you and insight into what is expected when using an extinguisher for the first time. At least now if I ever need to use it I will know what to expect"

- Mental Health Care Assistant March 2009

"One of the best Fire Safety Awareness Courses I have ever attended"

- Mental Health Care Assistant March 2009

"I have done Fire Safety before but I found this to be the best!"

- Mental Health Care Assistant March 2009

"You don't realise how much you have forgotten till you have a refresher course"

- Care assistant March 2009

"Very Useful... didn't realise how many things I forgot since last year ('s course)"

- Care assistant, March 2009

"The instructor was very experienced and the knowledge and information given out was excellent"

- International diagnostics company February 2009

"Excellent course and very imformative and well presented. An essential course for all businesses!"

- Specialist research laboratory owner February 2009

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent training on Tuesday and today. All staff really found it very very useful.This has give a really good baseline for future practice.We look forward to continuing our training with you in the future.thanks once again"

- Care Home Manager via e-mail July 2008

"Absolutely fantastic! Very interesting and practically effective. Presenter was obviously credible and intimately knowledgable due to personal history. The course has really raised my awareness and I will be taking actions in the office and at home. Thank you"

- Crime reduction charity, June 2008

"An excellent session delivered by a knowledgeable tutor. Very interesting and enjoyable"

- Training Advisors and Assessment Company May 2008

"Very informative and relaxed. Good use of training materials"

- Training Advisors and Assessment Company May 2008

"Course was very helpful and good quality. The practical session was very constructive and beneficial to the staff"

- Residential Care home owner May 2008

"I have never been given an opportunity to actually discharge a fire extinguisher before and to have this opportunity was invaluable. Also the lecturer is very easy to listen to and delivers the course material well"

- HEMS Aircrew client May 2008

"Obviously very knowledgeable about this subject. Very enjoyable"

- HEMS Aircrew client April 2008

"I would like to say I thought your course was superb. It was well presented, obviously drew on your experience, and kept my attention for the full three and a half hours. As a result I think I retained a lot more than would otherwise have been the case and am definitely better prepared"

- Open Course client April 2008

"Excellent session, much knowledge gained"

- Residential Care Home April 08

"Very Beneficial Course"

- Residential Care Home April 08

"Braf cael y profiad ymarferol ar yr 'extinguishers'. Diolch am gwrs diddorol iawn!"

- business support company April 08

"Hyfforddiant Ardderchog diolch yn fawr"

- business support company April 08

"Enjoyed the course in a relaxed atmosphere. It was good to have a practical session too so you can see how extinguishers work and react"

- International manufacturing company. April 08

"after encouragement through the course and demo I felt a lot more confident... well demonstrated, thoroughly enjoyed it!"

- International manufacturing company. April 08

"Very good, appropriate for what we needed"

- Restaurant, January 08

" Excellent- I learned a lot of very useful things. I feel safer"

- Private school September 07

"Very Good, enjoyed using the fire extinguishers"

- Residential care home. August 07


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picture"Very Good, enjoyed using the fire extinguishers"

- Residential care home

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